Siglufjörður is a charming fishing village in the north of Iceland, located at the foot of towering mountains on the shore of the identically-named fjord Siglufjörður. With the nearby town Ólafsfjörður, Siglufjörður forms the municipality Fjallabyggð. Siglufjörður’s population reached its peak of 3000 in the 1950s but has been decreasing ever since, with the number of around 1200 in early 2012.

Siglufjörður is friendly village, a nice place to visit in both summer and winter. Near the village is a good skiing area and in the village is an old and charming indoor swimming pool.

Siglufjörður is probably best known as the herring capital of Iceland and its beautiful harbor is, by nature, one of the best oriented harbors in Iceland. The herring industry blossomed in Siglufjörður between the mid-1860s and late 1960s or until the stock of the Icelandic herring started decreasing rapidly due to overfishing. The years of herring in Siglufjörður will, by most Icelanders, be remembered as the Icelandic Gold rush. In an extremely short time the dream was over, the herring was gone.

Although signs of its past glory can be seen all around town and the atmosphere reminds a little bit of the long passed gold rush, the fish prosessing still plays a big role in the economy, as well as in the lives of the residents. The fantastic history of the herring fishery in Iceland also comes alive in the most interesting Herring Era Museum, the only one of its kind in the world. In the past decade though, a major industrial change has occurred with increased tourism and fast-growing teleprocessing field, which have become extremely important to the town’s economy.

A tunnel connecting Siglufjörður and Ólafsfjörður
A revolution in transport in Siglufjörður area occurred when the building of the new Héðinsfjörður Tunnel in 2010 (total length of 11 km) came to reality. The tunnel connects the neighboring towns Siglufjörður and Ólafsfjörður, offering a renewed and safe road from Eyjafjörður til Siglufjörður all year around.

Siglufjörður in the winter
In winter Siglufjörður surely turns into a paradise for skiers and a dream come true for the outdoor enthusiast. Siglufjörður is known for its skiing athletes, who practice in the good skiing resort nearby. If it is about trying some cross-country skiing, slalom, skating, or zipping across the snow on a snowmobile or just enjoying the beautiful view, Siglufjörður area has it all.

Siglufjörður in the summer
In summer it offers beautiful walking routes, along with some very popular destination for bird watchers. In mid-summer, the atmosphere of the „Herring Era“ is recreated on the museum dock and the locals in vintage costumes salt herring and sing and dance to accordion music.

Service and accommodation in Siglufjörður
Siglufjörður offers a number of accommodation and refreshment possibilities. There are hotels, restraints and camping site. All services for travellers are offered, such as shops, banks, a post office and a healthcare clinic.

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